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Yeast for septic tank - Greater Houston Septic Tank & Sewer Experts

There are anecdotal stories of the use of yeast, resulting in small sludge and scum production. People thought a layer of scum would eat the fats and oils. On that, however, there is no scientific basis. No enzyme or bacteria can smash sand, gravel, or plastic pieces, but not even the yeast can absorb such materials. Even certain organic solids can not be broken down within a septic tank.

So they accumulate and they have to be removed. In short, yeast is probably not harmful to a septic system, but we don’t have any research-based information to indicate that adding it to a septic tank is a useful practice. Which yeasts are they?

If you’re going to try researching yeast for septic tanks, you’ll find that yeast is actually single-celled fungi, so it’s similar to edible mushrooms, common leavened baker’s yeast, and maturing blue cheese molds. Yeast is used to ferment chocolate and alcohol including spirits, beer, and wine, as well as to produce medical and veterinary antibiotic products.

How to Add Yeast to Your Septic Tanks

For most of these applications, a specific strain of yeast is established which excels in breaking down the specific sugar. As many believe, in your septic tanks, yeast releases bacteria that help break the waste. As some people think, yeast will not produce bacteria but will break down starches. The real question is whether the yeast will really thrive if there are hungry bacteria, too.

In addition, starches make up only a small amount of waste in a septic tank. Don’t trust the traditional way to save your septic tanks. Trust Greater Houston Septic Tank & Sewer Experts, a reliable septic system service. We have employees who can help you maintain and take care of the septic system in your home.

We know that septic costs aren’t cheap, they always come with a price but we can offer you a discounted service. We want to make you feel good about the quality of our service, at a low price. Want to use yeast for septic tanks? Do you still believe in the traditions of the past? Trust the proven and verified science, and trust our business.

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