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Drain Cleaning - Greater Houston Septic Tank & Sewer Experts

When it comes to your plumbing, clogged drains are part of the most stressful things you can encounter. It can release bad odors and unpleasant fumes; not only that, but it can also impose harm and health hazards to you and to your family’s health.

A lot of homeowners, especially people who have a bit of background when it comes to cleaning and clearing the drains, decide on the fact that they’ll proceed with cleaning their drains themselves. This is a cheap and actually cost-effective way to look at it. However, it might not be as effective as how you want it to be.

What Drain Cleaning Is Not

The idea of clearing out drains has widely been associated with the activity of pouring chemicals and cleaning agents down the sink. This alarms most people because they think that these compounds would be harmful to their health.

To clear it out, it’s not always like that – especially if it’s done by a professional. As a matter of fact, they tend to avoid it because these harsh chemicals damage the interiors and the insides of the system.

It helps, yes, but the side effect is that it deteriorates the quality and the overall health of the drains, making them more susceptible and prone to different kinds of damage. So, what’s really involved in the process of drain cleaning?

What’s Involved in a Drain Cleaning Service

Cleaning or clearing out your drains isn’t just pouring solvents and melting agents into them. As a matter of fact, a lot of professional drain cleaners and plumbers have plans on what they need to do based on the drain you’re looking to have cleaned. Here’s the usual path or plan on how a drain cleaning service works:

After they successfully check on the condition of the pipes, the next thing they’ll do is they’ll plan ahead. There are wide varieties of tools, machines, and equipment that can help plumbers perform the cleaning and the clearing service. Some of the best and the most common tools and machineries used are drain augers or drain snakes, hydro jets, and so on. After they determine the best material that can effectively clean the drains (depending on the inspection), then they’ll proceed to the cleaning service.

Then, the execution of the procedure will take place. A lot of people, especially homeowners who have had their properties standing for a while now, choose to use the traditional auger snakes or drain snakes because it can fit on any size of pumps. They want this tool to be used because it doesn’t have any pressure, which can bring the wreckage to the pipes especially if it’s already brittle and worn out.

As a plumber, that isn’t the final step of the drain clearing procedure. Once done and after letting it rest for about one to two hours, they’ll proceed to have and conduct pipe video inspections again. This final inspection will be the basis of whether the job has been done successfully or if there are other things needed for the full restoration and the cleaning of the drains.

Common Causes of Drain Problems

It could be the drains in your kitchen, in your bathroom, and even drains on your backyard. The most common reason for the problems you encounter with your drains include:

  • Hair, skin, and solid soap if it’s the bathroom drains or toilet
  • Grease, oil, and other plastic materials for the kitchen drain
  • Grass, soil, and some other small objects of the like for the drains outside your home

These are just the most common reasons, there are a lot more. The problems would also depend not only on the things that fall off your drains; you also need to consider the following factors:

  1. Age of your drains or plumbing system
  2. How often they’re used
  3. How do you maintain them

These three (3) factors play a big role in the condition and the overall status of your drains; whether it’s your kitchen drain, your toilet, the sinks in the bathroom, or even the exterior sinks you have.

Where You Can Get a Drain Cleaning Service

For the clearing and cleaning of your drains in the most professional manners available, nothing beats us here at Greater Houston Septic Tank & Sewer Experts. The location is home to millions of people, also housing hundreds of thousands of business and commercial establishments.

Our services aren’t just limited to residential drain cleaning. As a matter of fact, we’re also capable of helping businesses and commercial establishments in cleaning their drains, sinks, toilets, bathtubs, and many more! If what you’re looking for is a drain cleaning service that can end all the dilemmas and the problems you have within your property – that calls for the help of all our professional plumbers, our drain cleaning experts, and specialists, as well as the servicemen and assistants we have here at Greater Houston Septic Tank & Sewer Experts.

We Can Help You Wherever You Are

Should you be wondering whether or not we’ll be able to help you, don’t worry – chances are, we do! Wherever you may be in the city, you can bank and trust us and our team of plumbers and drain-cleaning experts!

You are one call or one email away from experiencing premium quality drain services wherever your location is in Greater Houston! Don’t hesitate to contact us! Become one of our clients who all are more than happy with the results of the drain cleaning service they got from us!

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