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No matter how well your septic systems have been installed, and no matter the price of the materials used to install them, they’ll undergo the wear and tear process – they can deteriorate and they can be damaged, nonetheless.

Septic Repairs are among the most expensive and the most tedious services you can have for your septic tanks and systems. However, if it’s done professionally and efficiently, it can eliminate the need to have it replaced any time soon.

Functions of Your Septic Tank

How can my septic tank be damaged? What are the causes of the damage to my Septic Tanks and Systems that can trigger the need for it to be repaired? In answering this question, it is rather important and imperative to understand the function and the operational side of Septic Tanks and Systems.

Your septic tank is the end of the road for the wastewater within your house. If you utilize a septic system, then you’d have to know and find out where the septic tank is located. Your septic tanks hold the wastewater, separating them into three (3) different layers: the scum, the affluent, and the sludge.

Bacteria Inside the Tank

Inside your septic tank, all cultured bacteria work to lessen and break the waste down – from solid to liquid, or from solid to smaller particles. It decomposes the waste, making them separate from each other. Once all bacteria has been decomposed, all it’ll be left off would be sludge or the solid wastes that accumulated within the tank. It is a relatively thin layer and can actually be used for fertilization purposes.

The scum or the liquid waste is the one on top of the tank, if it gets too thick, it can flow with the effluent or with the filtered wastewater which is used to enrich the soil.

Common Septic Tank Failures

There are a lot of different wreckages and damages that can happen to your septic tank. As a matter of fact, these can contribute to a ton of problems that could lead to the overall breakage of your septic system, which can result in contamination.

Another of the most common causes of failure from septic tanks would be broken, damaged, and cracked pipes. If leakage from the piping systems occurs, the crack can blow off because of pressure, enlarging the slim damage that the pipe has. This is why it’s impacting, rather significant for you to check on the status and the conditions of your pipes every now and then. This could be the source of why you’re experiencing the failure of your septic tanks.

If your tank is cracked, or if the leak is coming out of the tank, it can release a bad and unpleasant odor that no one can ever take. Plus, it’s the perfect recipe for hazard and danger. So, a cracked or a leaking tank should be one of your concerns. Allowing a cracked, broken, or punctured tank operating can kill all the plantation within your property; allow contamination of some of the organic materials, and can even be dangerous to your health!

Contact your plumbing and septic systems company immediately if this is one of your concerns!

Performing a Septic Repair

Before a Septic Systems Company performs a repair on your Septic Tanks and Systems, they first need to inspect and check on the overall conditions of your system. This would include inspecting everything from the pipes, and the tank (including the interior) – to the drain field, or where the effluent is sent and directed to.

Choosing a company that you can actually trust and bank on might be a hard and tough decision. But, if you are looking for the best and the most reliable Septic Systems company, look no further because we here at Greater Houston Septic Tank & Sewer Experts will be able to get you what you need.

Whether you need a Septic Systems Repair, or if you need a replacement of some of the parts and the components of your Septic Tank or System, you will be able to trust and bank on us and the supreme skill and expertise of our professionals and our servicemen.

Our Septic Repair Process

Many people are skeptical in terms of how we perform our Septic Repair process. They tell us that what we’re promising them is too good to be true! When in fact, it’s actually feasible – thanks to the dedication, hard work, and determination of all our Septic System Experts and Servicemen.

Before we get out into the field to perform whatever is needed, we conduct a series of tests, assessments, and inspections first so we don’t waste time on the field. The inspection procedure that we give offers a comprehensive take on the condition of your tank, your pipes – as well as the drain or leach fields where effluent ends up.

After we conduct the inspections and assessments successfully, we will then be able to perform whatever is needed with accuracy, speed, and precision. We never work like other Septic System Experts – we always like to be at the top of our game – and we do it by guaranteeing our clients the quality they can get when they choose to work with us.

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While there are a lot of other companies and Septic System Corporations you can work with, you will never experience any problems when you choose to go and work with us here at Greater Houston Septic Tank & Sewer Experts!

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