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Septic Tank Cleaning - Greater Houston Septic Tank & Sewer Experts

So you have your septic tank installed, what’s next? Well, septic tanks must be cleaned once in a while to ensure their efficiency and effectiveness. Failure to maintain your tanks or systems may lead to multiple problems you may not want to deal with. Some of these could even be fatal if not immediately dealt with. Clogging, flooding, and odor issues are among the situations you would typically find yourself in. Of course, if proper maintenance and proper septic tank cleaning are not observed, it could even potentially cause you thousands of money. Replacement and repairs are expensive.

More than that, septic tanks last for a long time if properly cared for. This will save you money and benefit you in the long run. Each and every building must have a proper sewer or septic system after all. Where else would all the excretes and wastes go if not for them? With this, let us break down the reasons why you must have your septic tanks pumped and emptied as needed.

Why Must Septic Tanks Be Maintained

Observing proper maintenance will save you money – first and foremost. How? Dysfunctional septic systems are expensive to repair or replace compared to having them inspected once in a while or as the situation calls for it. Septic tank repairs usually cost $1,569. Most people typically spend between the range of $573 to $2,595! However, major damages may demand more than that. The price may even go above and beyond $5,000.

Moreover, a dysfunctional septic system may cost you not only your money but a reduction in your property value and legal liability as well. Maintenance can also help with the preservation of your health and the environment. Wastewater typically consists of nitrogen, phosphorus, bacteria, and viruses which may cause diseases in the long run. However, with an efficient septic system, the chances of these existing in your wastewater are significantly reduced. Remember, the bacteria in the septic tank as well as the percolation area digests and breaks down the bad bacteria. Hence, the flow of treated effluent from your system.

In the United States, 4 billion gallons of wastewater (and even more) get dispersed every day. Groundwater contamination may be a result of an inefficiently treated effluent. As a result, sources of drinking water such as water wells can be contaminated as well. Animals and people who may drink from water wells are at risk and may potentially contract diseases and infection! Not only that, but nearby waters are also susceptible to contamination. Once swam upon, people are highly susceptible to contracting various kinds of infectious diseases. Examples of these are eye and ear infection as well as acute gastrointestinal infections such as hepatitis. Chances of clogging exponentially increase. Once this happens, sewage may come back to the surface.

Proper Maintenance

Your septic tank must be cleaned and maintained at least every 3 to 5 years. Or as per the recommendation of your inspector. Any leakages as well as the layer of scum and sludge must undergo a thorough inspection. The septic tank must be pumped once either scum reaches 6 inches of the bottom of the outlet tee or the sludge reaches a 12-inch measurement of the outlet tee. The measurement of either layer must be noted in your operation and maintenance records for future use.

Moreover, the factors you need to consider regarding how many times you may need to have your septic tank cleaned and pumped are:

  • How many people are there in your household
  • The volume of wastewater your household generates as per the number of people in your household and the volume of water your household uses
  • The number of solid waste particles in the liquids

Your service provider must note any repairs that have been completed as well as the condition of the tank. Maintaining your drain field is equally important:

  • Avoid parking and/or driving on the leach field
  • An adequate amount of distance must be observed from the drain field when planting trees. This is so the roots from the trees may not grow into the septic system
  • The proper distance must be observed between your drain field and roof drains, sump pumps, and various rainwater drainage systems that may cause excess water to occur in the septic system.

Us at Greater Houston Septic Tank & Sewer Experts, we ensure the proper maintenance of your septic tanks! We monitor the tanks we have installed so our clients will not have to worry about any repairs and replacements. Our company prioritizes our clients so that they may not experience any hassle.

Signs Of A Malfunctioning Septic Tank

  • Wastewater keeps coming back to the surface through the drains such as the toilet.
  • A vivid green grass is found in the drain field, especially under dry weather.
  • Ponding water or muddy soil surrounding your septic system or basement.
  • Foul odor coming from the septic tank and drain field.

Professional Septic Tank Maintenance and Inspection

The key to having proper maintenance is your service provider. Your provider must both be qualified and experienced in the proper cleaning of septic tanks. They must know how to efficiently pump and empty the tanks or handle the overall system. With Greater Houston Septic Tank & Sewer Experts, you will never go wrong. We have many services we can provide and offer to our clients. We also conduct yearly tank inspections as needed and as requested by our clients.

Our company prioritizes our clients first and foremost. Moreover, our team has 10 years and above experience in dealing with the maintenance of septic systems. We are committed to being the best company out there for septic and sewer systems. The improper handling of septic systems may compromise the safety of our clients. So we do not bargain and gamble with the trust that our clients have given us. Your safety is our number one priority.

Do not hesitate to call us should there be any problems with your septic and/or sewer systems. We are only one call away!

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