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Septic Tank Riser

Here at Greater Houston Septic Tank & Sewer Experts, we have a wide selection of septic tank risers with additional attachments for riser products. We also offer the installation of risers which will be done by our reputable team. If you’re sick of paying to get your machine dug up when it needs to be pumped?  Or did your actual concrete risers disintegrate? Tired of lifting a heavy concrete cover in your tank whenever you need to get in?

You may want to consider installing a septic tank riser system if you answered yes to any of those questions.  You will find everything you need to install the risers on your septic system here in our business. There are certain benefits and considerations to installing your septic tank riser.

The installation of a riser involves a great deal of money, but this is a one-time cost to materials and labor. In the long run, however, you have saved money and time. Without risers or by not getting maintenance and inspections as often then this will cause many problems. Riserless septic tanks are vulnerable to many problems and hazards.

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As suggested, septic tanks need to be inspected at least every one to three years and should be drained every three to five years. Through installing a riser you will significantly reduce the septic maintenance costs. Alternatively, with a riser lid just below the deck, the lawn can be maintained as normal, and access to the port would require only minimal effort when pumping or inspecting the tank.


There is no better way to access a tank than through a riser, so providing a riser can significantly reduce the septic tank’s maintenance cost. There are many good reasons for getting a riser inside your home. If you want a septic tank riser installed and want a free quote, call the professionals at Greater Houston Septic Tank & Sewer Experts. Through your problems, we gain more experience and more clients for life. We know you need help, so what are you waiting for? Join our satisfied clients today.

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