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Septic systems are excellent and efficient if you are looking into ways how to save your money. You can spend less on your water bills if you have an efficient and capable septic system. Outside of its initial cost with installation, you no longer have to worry about any additional expenses. Except of course, if you may require any repairs or replacements.

However, you must ensure that a proper installation must be observed. There are even ways to install your septic tank by yourself. But you cannot guarantee its effectiveness especially if you are inexperienced and lack the tools you may need upon having it installed. Moreover, wastewater may flood back into your household if you do not observe the proper installation. Contamination is also the number one risk you have to take into account.

Professional Installation

Having your septic system installed by a professional will exponentially reduce the risks of any repairs, replacements, and contamination. With a professional installer, your safety will be ensured. 

This is due to their years of experience with dealing with anything that touches on the topic of septic and sewer systems. At Greater Houston Septic Tank & Sewer Experts, we have been dealing with the installation of septic systems as well as any repairs and replacements for years now.

Even the smallest details cannot escape our workers and employees. There are engineers working behind the scenes to ensure the quality of our services! Due to this, we have always been the trusted service provider with anything related to sewer and septic systems. Moreover, we have been certified to serve and to cater to our clients. As such, any inspections, repairs, replacements, and pumping, we have been certified and trained to deal with. You do not have to worry about anything with us!

Most beneficially, we have our own tools and equipment essential to the installation, inspection, and maintenance of our clients’ septic tanks, drain field, and percolation area!

Your safety is safe with us, as the saying goes. Your money, safety, and health will never be compromised.

All About Maintenance

Maintenance is key to the prevention of any expensive repairs and replacements. Observe the following symptoms:

  • Wastewater keeps regurgitating upon the surface through the drains such as the toilet.
  • A spongy green grass keeps appearing in the vicinity of the drain field even under dry weather.
  • Water accumulation or muddy soil starts appearing anywhere around your septic system or basement.
  • Your septic tank and drain field reek of a foul odor.

If you have persistently been dealing with any problem listed above, please contact your local service provider. As such there are factors that need to be considered for maintenance:

  • The number of people that live in your household
  • The amount of wastewater your household generates respective to the number of people in your household and the amount of water your household utilizes
  • The number of solid waste particles that appear in the liquids

Should you have any more inquiries and concerns, please contact us. We are only one email or call away!

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