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Septic Tank Replacement Cost

The septic tank replacement cost varies because of the ways it’s been taken care of. There are property owners and households who don’t care for their septic systems. They don’t pump it or regularly service it. But that is the reality and there is no blame on them. This job is for the experts at Greater Houston Septic Tank & Sewer Experts.

The company is ready to assist you at any time of the day. It is a matter of fact that it is often taken for granted by people living in towns and cities that their waste solids and liquids from sinks, washing machines, baths, and toilets are conveniently flushed away down the drain. This is a luxury that many people who live in the country can only dream of.

Or alternatively by building your own septic tank in each household for those areas which do not have a central drainage system. The difference between the cost of replacing a septic tank with an existing system and installing a new system entirely will obviously be the extra cost of pipework from house to tank as well as the cost of installing the foundations in the excavation.

Experts in Septic Tank Replacements

Costs associated with disposing of the soil that you dug out to make room for the tank and soak away will also apply. Although some soil will be used as backfill, much will be leftover which needs to be disposed of. Perhaps if you have room and enjoy gardening you can use the soil to landscape the garden. That will save some money, but the saved amount will depend on how much soil you’ve managed to incorporate back into your garden.


The average cost of replacing the septic system ranges from $6,000 to $50,000 including financing, according to a reliable source. This is an enormous amount of money but you better invest in it as a good septic system if properly taken care of will last for fifteen (15) years. So, you can contact us for the best septic tank replacement cost and experience our quick, easy, and reliable service.

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